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Is it Useful?

“Adjust your habitual vocabulary—the words you consistently use to describe your emotions and sensations—immediately change how you think, feel and live.”

Did you ever notice someone who has some believe from long ago that seems to hold them back?

I know of someone that was once not afraid to fly, then one small thing seemed to happen once on a flight 15 years ago, and now this person is very afraid to fly. She holds onto the belief that she is scared to fly and it is part of her story. Is it useful to have that belief?

Maybe even one event happened in there lives and from that point on, they just hold this belief?
Sometimes we have a judgement, fear, perception, or whatever.

Or, do you ever see someone getting upset, angry, or emotional and it is hurting their judgement or how they are handling a certain situation?

Worrying is another thing that some people do – some people even believe that they ‘need’ to or ‘should’ worry.

Many of our mothers worry about things. There are people that stay awake at night worrying. Is this useful?

(Of course I know that none of the above items ever apply to you or I)

Here is a question to ask in any of the above situations:


  • Is that belief, that story from the past, that judgement, fear, perception…..
  • Is it useful to get angry in all occasions or upset at all times?
  • Is worrying useful?
  • Maybe there are times when the above make sense, but asking the question ‘is it useful?” may make us more aware of those times when we have a belief that limits us.

Sometimes we have to be aware of our thoughts, beliefs and actions and be willing to let go of things that are not useful so that we can grow and move on.


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