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What is your vision?

I’ve written about having a vision before. I have used it and have gone without a vision, and I recommend having one no matter what!

Here is an author from EarlytoRise.com – he has some good ideas.

He may or may not be selling things in the links, I don’t know. It is not an affiliate link.

Check it out.

Why do you need a vision in the first place?

Because, you must have a vision before you start strategic planning.
After all, you can’t give directions without a destination, right?

By creating a vision for YOUR American Dream, you create a
destination. Not only that, but if you have a Vision AND Core
Values, you have everything you need for an Employee Handbook
in just 1-2 pages.

You really won’t need a 120-page binder full of lawyer-speak if you
have a clear vision and a concise set of core values. These will help
you make the right decisions, the important decisions.

And you don’t have to limit your vision-writing to just your business.
You can envision your family, a charity you run, or even how your
slowpitch season to go. Apply visioning to anything you want. You’ll
be amazed at how close to reality you will get to your vision if you
stick to it.

Watch today’s video on how to create your personal Vision.

Vision Video Image-sm.png

But first, let me give you a preview on the easy 3 step process…

Step #1 – Pick a time frame. It could be 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years.

Step #2 – Use the question below to help you write a first draft

  • What does your organization look like?
  • How big is your organization?
  • What is your organization famous for?
  • How do you measure success? (Be specific)
  • Why does anyone care about what you do?
  • What do you refuse to do?
  • How do people who work here feel about their jobs?
  • What is your Mission and Movement?
  • How do you, the founder, feel about the business?
  • What are the 3 most important things you offer your clients?
  • What’s your role in the business?
  • How do you find prospects?
  • What kind of people will you need to hire? (skills, attitudes)
  • What are everyday tasks?
  • What do employees, clients and peers say about your biz?

Do NOT reject any ideas. Instead, come up with a Big Hairy Audacious
Vision (a BHAV), and be as clear, concise, and specific as possible.
Write from the future, as though you had already achieved your vision.

Step #3 – Get feedback, re-write, and then share. Share your vision with
those who will implement it — and then move on to the next step, which is the
“how” of strategic planning that will lay th e path to help you reach that vision.

Watch this video now – What’s Your Vision?

Craig Ballantyne
Early To Rise
Financial Independence Monthly Monthly

My Story, Chapter 8

(This is a quick overview “MY STORY” of my life, mostly to highlight the victories, challenges, and roller coasters we all ride in life. I offer some lessons that I learned at some points, and hopefully my perspective and experiences can help at least one person. Plus, some of you have just simply asked to learn more about me…)

….in Chapter 7, I mentioned how I was finally focusing on the right things and doing well. That’s when I got a call out of the blue to try something new and different, and to leave the world of self-employment. It was a little risky, too, because I entered the world of banking and SBA lending for the first time and I knew nothing about it….

Before I jump into new info, I wanted to reflect on what I consider to be guidance by our inner Self, or the Source, or God or the Universe – whatever you want to call it. To me, it is much the same. I believe we’re connected, so if you’re true to your Self and in the right state of mind and heart, your Self should equal = God.

Anyhow, I find it interesting, now looking back, at the ways I have guided myself, or been guided, along the way in life. While I was in the moments, it wasn’t much fun and wasn’t “interesting”. It was just plain rough. Now looking back, I’m glad and sort of relieved things didn’t always work out like I hoped. I think that I was being led by my ego during many of those moments into a job I thought I wanted, a job that paid a lot or looked cool, or both. Luckily my Self led me another way.

I can think of a few times where I wanted a job, even Needed a job. I applied for a position and did everything right. Then I got to the interview and blew it or just didn’t get a position that I felt I was definitely qualified for…..while I was in the MBA program I made contacts that got me an interview with Arthur Andersen Consulting. At that time, Arthur Andersen was doing very well nationwide and locally. They were in the news in good ways often. I had 4 interviews with them and they seemed to all go well. I loved the culture, the age groups, the compensation packages, etc. I wanted the job!

I was scheduled for a 5th interview. I was pretty happy that things were moving along well. Then I heard Arthur Andersen’s name in the news again. It seemed this time Negative! They were identified closely with ENRON and some of the ‘creative accounting’ there. Soon all new hires were put on hold. Soon after that a few people started to leave the local Arthur Andersen office. Soon after that more things came out and things got worse for them.

I had worked for the federal government, as I mentioned, and in one case later in my life, I tried to go back into the government and get re-hired by the same agency. The economy was shaky and I thought the government would offer some security while I got back on my feet. I had applied and many people and old friends thought it would be a slam dunk hire. Then, I got a form letter that I was declined. I had accidentally filled out the form wrong in one spot, I erroneously put a wrong grade number for the application and they denied my application. Even after I called and explained I was told that they could not modify an application and I’d have to wait until next year. It really was depressing and disappointing. However, not long after, it was announced that this agency was going to close. 300 people, many of my friends, would now need to look for new jobs. Had I been accepted, I would have been there only a short time and then required to go out and look anew. It would have been worse.

I’ve had many other instances when I wanted to work for a company, been passed over in some way, and then found out that there was an issue, it closed, or the job was not a good one. In some way or another I was lucky and it seemed like someone was watching out for me. What appeared to be bad luck seemed like good luck.

More recently I considered a career move and was again denied. I took it to heart and felt pretty down for a while. Then I recalled these past experiences in my life…I’m still “too close” to see big picture so far but I tell myself that this too shall pass and that something better is coming, this opportunity wasn’t right for my path and some Intelligence is helping me…..


…I think that it helps to have a Vision where or what you want. Have a clear idea, picture, thought, feelings – where you want to go, how you want it to be, and why. Don’t worry about the How. You need to stay focused on that vision – what you can do today, how you can take action – and avoid focusing on what doesn’t work, avoid focusing on the negative. Setting goals is great. Having faith in yourself and faith in others, and faith in the world helps a lot. Giving, being open-minded, being happy, and being persistent are other lessons that I’d have to pass along too…..


…..to jump back into my Chapter 8 timeline and get back to the story – I was going to start telling you about how I was hired to a large bank for the first time and how well things went for some time……had I not had the previous denials, challenges and even failures, I would not have had this new job at the bank. Those doors that were closed may or may not have been good for me, we will never know, but certainly when I started this new job at the bank, I was very happy to be there……to be continued.



Thinking about Imagination

Imagination was so much fun for me when I was a kid. I recall growing up in the 1970’s and very early 1980’s and pretending to be superheroes like Spiderman and Batman. I imagined that I was Luke Skywalker or Han Solo from Star Wars. I even pretended to be a guy called Ultraman – Ultraman was a TV show on cable – it was from Japan and often the dialogue was dubbed. Ultraman sometimes fought Godzilla, so that may draw a picture for you what the show was like.

I’ve never really liked to go to sleep. Even today I don’t want to go to bed, many nights. I’d rather do something else. When I was young, I of course had to go to bed at a certain time. So I would lay in bed and pretend to be one of the above superheroes. I’d go through scenarios while laying in bed, probably for hours. I recall my dad walking in on me once and I must have been pretending to be fighting a villain while saving the world. He wasn’t too upset but said it was late.

I also used to imagine myself as a pilot and business man. I wanted to be a fighter pilot for so many years – long before “TOP GUN” came around. I went to airshows, read books and magazines about planes and talked to pilots. I actually later soloed in a plane before I had my driver’s license. I had about 40 hours in flight when it came time to go get a flight physical so I could proceed toward a private pilot’s license. I found out that my severe color-blindness and astigmatism was pretty bad, according to the flight doctor, and even though I could easily get a private pilot license, it would be very unlikely that I could be a fighter pilot, corporate pilot, or even a commercial pilot. I was pretty devastated. I took a few more lessons but decided that I was just wasting money and gave up on that dream.

So I focused more on business – working in an office, running a business, being my own boss, much like my father. I imagined traveling and talking to people, helping them, making money. Later in life some of my imaginations came true. I really believe that I set up these ideas in my mind and looked for them as life went on……

As I have gotten older, I have imagined other things – a career, things about my marriage, things about my daughters and our relationship, my golf game, remodeling homes, etc. We had a totally unfinished upstairs at our first house – my wife and I used to imagine how we’d finish it. Finally we drew some sketches and then went ahead and did it. Like so many people, we visualized the outcome long before it was done.

….Imagination is so powerful. It is pretty fun too. Just think about it – basically everything in our world; homes, buildings, books, movies, amusement parks, hospitals, songs, art – everything happening in some way or another in someone’s imagination first….then it became real. Think about Disney World and that great empire….even if you aren’t a fan of going there it is a wonder of achievement and making dreams happen.

Imagination can be our friend or foe. Worrying is a form of negative imagination. If you sit around and worry, you are imagining bad things. Just as you can create an idea about remodeling, then make it happen, you can create a situation that involves stress, anxiety, fear, anger – and it too can happen.

Imagination; paired with the right emotions and a strategy, can help you achieve anything! When was the last time you had some fun and imagined a bit. Take a moment and imagine – almost like you were a kid. Maybe you want to think about your golf game, a relationship, your career, or just something crazy and fun. Take time and do it.

Below is from Wayne Dyer at www.waynedyer.com. He shares his thoughts about imagination…….

Your imagination is your own fertile field for growing any seedlings that you choose to plant for a future harvest.

You may have been told that you have always been a dreamer, as if this were a fault. I can speak here from experience. Family, friends, teachers, and even advisors frequently disparaged ideas that burned brightly in my imagination. I often heard comments such as, “Wayne, you’re such a dreamer. Get real. You are never going to make it as a writer, or a television performer, or a movie personality. Be realistic—we know what’s best for you.”

When I was being discharged from the Navy at the age of 22, my superiors warned me that starting college at my “advanced age” was loaded with uncertainty, particularly since I had no higher education experience, and I would be competing with younger recent high school graduates. Since I already had a skill as a cryptographer in the Navy, they advised me to pursue what they felt was best for me. But I had a dream—an imagination filled with the idea of teaching, writing, and speaking to large audiences. I saw myself onstage. I saw myself as a prominent author. And this vision could not and would not be sabotaged by someone else’s vision of what I should or could become.

As a young boy in a foster home, I almost always ignored other people’s ideas about what I should be thinking or doing—I simply was indifferent to their opinions regarding what I could imagine for myself. I have carried this kind of inner discipline regarding my own imagination with clarity, refusing to allow external opinions to cancel or diminish what for me was hallowed ground.

Not long ago, others advised me that acting in a movie was not sensible for me as a 68-year-old man with no acting experience. I once again remembered to hang the DO NOT DISTURB sign at the entrance to my imagination, and proceeded to take acting lessons and adopt the self-enforced regimen that allowed me to create a movie. It is a product that fills me with pride today—all because I have diligently practiced the following rule:

Never, and I mean never, allow anyone else’s ideas of who you can or can’t become sully your dream or pollute your imagination. This is your territory, and a KEEP OUT sign is a great thing to erect at all entrances to your imagination.

Stay in a state of grace and gratitude for this resplendent gift that is always yours to do with as you choose.

The Relationship Between Habits and Success?

Here is a great article I recently came across….

What Is The Relationship Between Habits and Success?

What is the relationship between habits and success?

Putting together our Scales of Success and Iceberg of Consciousness, the answer becomes stunningly simple…

Your Why-To’s of Success are held in your Conscious Mind.

Everyone wants to succeed, on the Conscious level. We all know that it’s better to succeed than the alternative!

Why do you think we’re spending all this time, money and effort trying to be more successful?

So your Why-To’s of Success are held in your Conscious mind.

But have you ever stopped to think about the Cost of Success?

I’ve asked this question to thousands of people around the world in my seminars and mastermind programs, and the response I get is…dead silence.

I can practically hear people’s minds whirring as they ask themselves this unexpected question…

“Wow, I’ve never thought about that before. What could possibly be a COST of Success?”

Have you ever thought about the fact that, if your Why-To’s of Success are held in your Conscious Mind, your Why-Not-To’s of Success must be held in your Subconscious Mind?

What does that mean?

It means: no one wakes up in the morning, looks out the window and says, “Ahhh, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it looks like a great day. I think I’ll hold myself back from success today!”

Nor has anyone ever said, “I think I’ll invest in this personal development program (or book, or seminar, or coaching program) so I can sabotage myself better!”

Every human being wants to succeed; on the Conscious level.

But, because your Why-Not-To’s of Success are hidden in your Subconscious mind, it’s like you’re driving down the road of life…

With one foot on the brake.

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I believe in you!

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Signs a big dream is about to happen….


When you aren’t where you want to be, when things aren’t exactly as you want them now, we need to act/feel/become like it is happening now.

…..Signs a big dream is about to happen……..What am I saying?

When your dream is about to come true – or when you want something to happen, you can benefit GREATLY by acting AS IF IT IS ALREADY TRUE.

I have done it and it does work, it does help!

Think about what you want, think about how you want it to be, then act as if it is already that way, that you already have “IT”.

Write a letter to your friends to say “hey, it happened, I have IT and I’m so relieved and happy. I really appreciate your support as a friend, your friendship as I worked to make IT happen. I feel like I can do anything, I’m so happy. Again, thanks for being there!” (Send it now or hold it?)

Write your boss a nice letter of gratitude saying you appreciate the years of employment, income, and support but now you are able to earn enough income from another source and you can leave your job. Be nice, be appreciative, without all of our experiences, we wouldn’t be where we are and you wouldn’t now have “IT” in your hands.

Regularly visualize the after-party. Plan a party. OK….so you got “IT”. Now let’s celebrate with your loved ones. What is the party like? What is the room like? Music? Food? Who is there? What is everyone wearing? See them smiling, congratulating you, see you celebrating with everyone and being grateful. How good does it feel? You can now pay them back a little, you can pay for some fun for them now. It feels great to celebrate and treat friends to a good time, doesn’t it?

Sometimes you speak and behave as if it is already true….as if you already have it….as if you already feel that way.

And think….now that you already have “IT”….you also already know what your next goal is…..

Feel those feelings – when you have “IT” how are you feeling ? Relieved….Certain…Confident…Happy….Excited….Free…Independent….

Everyday, do something, take action, make an effort towards “IT”.

Everyday celebrate out loud and secretly about having “IT”. Practice. How happy will you feel?
Will you be jumping? Are you a fist pumper? Do you run and hug the nearest person? How are you celebrating?

Practice celebrating!

(make sure you clearly know what “IT” is.)


(partial credit is due to Mike Dooley at www.tut.com)

Clarity is power!




FROM Mario Brown  http://www.mariobrown.net/29/clarity-is-power-my-first-blog-post/

Hello and welcome to my new blog and first blog post.

This blog is all about marketing and lifestyle, it’s for you if you want to know more about me, about how I run my business and my life and how you can implement some of my strategies to grow your business and to live a happier life.

I love marketing and I love life, so that’s exactly what you’re going to find on this blog – tips and insights on both subjects.

Without further ado, let me dive right into it! I’m going to give you a couple of core strategies that you need to implement immediately. If you already have some success, these strategies might help you take your success to the next level. If you are brand new to the game, the strategies will definitely help you get started on the right foot.

This is about making sure that you stay focused and enabling you to work on one thing only in order to grow your business and make more money. You might think that this is basic stuff but let me tell you that I was able to go from making $1,200 working at a front desk to making high 5 figures every single month following the exact steps below – and you can do the same.

Clarity Is Power- What do you really, really want?

If you can’t answer this question, then you might as well stop any efforts immediately.

You need to get clear on this question asap and you must be as specific as possible.

Making more money for example isn’t specific at all. I can give you 1 buck and you’d have more money. And let’s face it, we’re not in this game to just make more money. Money in the bank by itself isn’t going to do us any good, what we really want is piece of mind, knowing that we don’t have to worry about our bills. It’s lifestyle and freedom, doing what you want to do when you want to do it. I’ts being your own boss, determining yourself how much money you are going to make, these kind of things.

These are just some of the examples that drive me and I asked myself as well, what do I really want from life, how does my perfect day look like? I actually invested 2 hours to come up with my perfect day, from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed.

It took me 2 hours because I was extremely specific and I wrote down in very detail when I’d get up, what I’d eat and how my day would be. What kind of house with all the rooms, pool, gym etc. – what kind of work, office, employees, friends, food and so forth. I did this exercise just recently and it helps me to stay motivated and on track. We all need goals to work on because with out challenging goals to work on life gets boring and we get complacent.

Here is the kicker though:

I did the exact same exercise 2 years ago at a seminar and 90% of all the things that I wrote down that day became reality. I’m making more than ever before and exceeded the number that I wrote down back then, I’m doing exactly what I wanted to do work-wise, I’m eating healthy and I live in a sunny place near the ocean plus all the other things that I wrote down, they all turned into reality.

Once I checked my notes from back then I realized that everything is now reality and I also realized that I had to create a new perfect day in order to get inspired and motivated again, to have something to work for.

That’s why clarity and writing down goals and your perfect day is so powerful, I’m proof of it and you can do the same.

So before you do anything else today, write down what it is that you really want in life. How much do you want to make every month, what kind of car do you want to drive, who would benefit from you having a successful business, how would it help your family, what kind of house do you want, where do you want to travel to, who do you want to meet and so forth, be very specific.

This can change your life, it did change mine big time!

If you are a person that needs more step by step instructions, here are a couple of questions that will help you get started:

1. What do I really want, what’s my result? (Health, Wealth, Relationships)

Be very specific.

2. What’s my purpose, why do I really want it?

Think about why you want what you want. What’s the outcome, how is it going to help you improve you and your families life, what happens if you don’t achieve your goals, who would suffer and how? Find out the big WHY!

3. Give it a deadline.

Give every goal a deadline by when you want to have achieved it. Separate them by 1 year, 3 years and 5 years and then go work on the most important 1 year goals and focus on the 3 most important areas of life. Health (nutrition and workouts), Wealth (Career & Business) and Happiness (healthy relationships with your loved ones, having a purpose)

4. Massive Action Plan – What specific actions must you take to make this happen. What’s your action plan?

Come up with a massive action plan. What kind of things do you have to focus on to achieve your goals, what habits and distractions do you need to eliminate to move forward. Be specific and take action NOW!

I urge you to go through these steps and in my next post I’m going to explain what you have to do next and I’ll tackle the questions that you must ask yourself when starting a new business. It doesn’t make any sense though so start a business if you don’t have clarity on what it is that you actually want, and when you want it.

Here is a video that thousands of people have enjoyed, I hope it can push you in the right direction:

Please comment below and let me know what you think and what you want to learn about more!

Best wishes, Mario



It’s Jim back again….

a parting thought…..

When you know what you want….and you’re crystal clear on how exciting it’s going to be to achieve it, have it or do it….

….and you’re actually so excited about the CERTAINTY that you’re about to have that in your life as a result of your actions….

…you won’t need someone to push you.

Your goal will PULL you.




Goals Goals, Goals, Goals

I thought this was a great article “as-is” and wanted to share – it is from Michael Port http://www.michaelport.com/


These pillars are essential to success in any business, but especially important if you’re building your business on your own. They are:

4.      MINDSET

In today’s lesson I’m going to give you specific exercises that will help determine your financial future. But first, I think it’s worthwhile to know why I created The Alliance – not because I want to sell it to you; but rather to start a conversation about what it really takes to learn what you need to know, AND build something remarkable (and profitable) with that knowledge.

I’ve been serving as an author, speaker, and mentor for service business owners for the better part of a decade and I’ve always been a bit skeptical of my industry. Over the past few years, I think it’s gone even farther off the tracks with inexperienced coaches offering mentoring programs, over-the-top hyped up events and too many silly and half-baked “3-easy-steps” type of advice.

I know that service professionals are in need of a lot more than a weekend event or a teleseminar lasting a few weeks. It’s great to get energized but it shatters your confidence when you come home and all the hype fades away.

Don’t get me wrong, inspiration and passion play a huge role in creating the life of your dreams. After all, I am “the guy to call when you’re tired of thinking small.” In fact, I wrote the book on it: The Think Big Manifesto.

But you also need real, concrete, actionable plans to serve as a vehicle for your passion if you want to succeed. I’ve taught thousands, tens of thousands actually, how to get more clients and the truth is; there is an unending source of tactical information out there but only those who are truly serious and committed to a long-term plan create remarkable (AKA: real marketable) businesses.

I wanted to do something about it. It’s one thing to sit around being annoyed by what I saw as the lack of real business-building programs but another to do something about it.

Anyone can tear something down; building something better in its place takes courage and commitment. If I was really going to be true to what I teach, I needed to create the solution.

I believe that I’ve done it in The Alliance. If you are serious, I mean very serious about creating the business and life that you really want then consider applying. It’s not for everyone. It’ll be hard work and I’ll challenge you. But it may be for you. If it is, that means I’m meant to serve you and I’ll do my best work with you.

In The Alliance, we always start with the most important habit an entrepreneur must develop: GOAL SETTING and the ACHIEVEMENT of those goals. It’s a basic concept but fundamental to success. I suggest you start with the same now.

Of course, the future is uncertain. You cannot always predict a result but when you set goals you:

Engage the power of a decision. Your Ferrari will go nowhere until you decide to shift into first gear.

  • Begin      to filter out the noise. When you know what you want, you can begin to      ignore the things that don’t support the achievement of your goals.
  • Conscious      and subconscious mind begin to work in unison to achieve your specified      objectives.
  • Are      able to model others who have achieved what you want. Only by being clear      about what you want can you locate the best mentors to model what they do.      It’s one of the fastest ways to succeed.

Great leaders always deal with reality. If you know where you are then you can map out where you want to go and how you will get there. Start with the two most important questions:

What’s working best in your business?

What aspects of your business are in need of the most improvement?

Now, look at how you currently spend your time by filling in the blanks to the following statements:

Over the past 12-months,             % of my time has been spent working ON the marketing, sales and growth aspects of my business.

Over the past 12-months,            % of my time has been spent working IN the business with clients.

Over the past 12-months,            % of my time has been spent on personal pursuits (friends, family, hobbies, etc.)

Over the past 12-months, on a scale of 1-10, I would rate my efficiency as a ________


How would you like to spend your time?

Over the next 12-months,             % of my time will be spent working ON the marketing, sales and growth aspects of my business.

Over the next 12-months,            % of my time will be spent working IN the business with clients.

Over the next 12-months,            % of my time will be spent on personal pursuits (friends, family, hobbies, etc.)

Over the next 12-months, the #1 thing I need to do consistently to be as efficient as possible is…

And, finally, how much money are you going to make over the next twelve months?


Over the next 12-months, I would like to earn $ ________ in gross revenue.

Over the next 12-months, I would like to keep my expenses below $ ________.

Over the next 12-months, I would like to earn $ ________ in profit from my efforts (gross revenue minus expenses).

That’s it for today. Remember to think big and embrace abundance. If you need to go back and do this exercise of thinking bigger about who you are and what you offer the world, do so now.

Know that the only true scarcity is your resistance to embracing your own true self, your hopes and dreams, your capacity to think big.

When you resist yourself you create false scarcity: I’m not enough. I’m not as good as . . . [pick a name]. It’s too hard. There’s no time. I can’t start because I don’t know how it will end. When you focus on what you are not, what you do not have, and what you do not (and often cannot) know, you focus on a self-induced scarcity.

Each of us is naturally abundant. To exist is abundant. Look inside and see the glory of who you are–more than good enough.

I’ll be back soon with a deep and inspirational message on how to get your mind right. You’ll need it so that you’re able to handle all of the success that comes from the goals you’ve set.

Keep thinking big,

Michael Port

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