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The Law of Least Action

Deepak Chopra MD (official)
Founder, Chopra Foundation

Productivity Hacks: The Law of Least Action

By Deepak Chopra, MD, Founder of The Chopra Foundation

Cosmologists are closing in one a radical theory of the universe that will link it to human life in a very intimate way. Instead of a cold, lifeless void, the cosmos is about to emerge as a living thing whose operations are intelligent and conscious. What does that have to do with meeting your next deadline and cutting your work week back from sixty to eighty hours? Let me explain.

One of the classic laws of physics is known as the Law of Least Action, which says (in simplified form) that Nature takes the shortest, most efficient route to accomplish things. From chemical reactions to the curving arc followed by a baseball, whatever is the least action needed is the amount of energy consumed. This is the physics equivalent of saying that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

You can confirm a straight line simply by looking at it, but when a baseball is thrown, Nature computes trajectory, gravity, momentum, mass, and friction all at once to arrive at least action, and it happens instantly and automatically. Change one element in the equation – such as throwing the ball on a rainy day – and adjustment is made immediately.

If the Law of Least Action was applied to the human brain, productivity would increase tenfold, because making a decision would be an automatic, effortless computation of all the variables involved. Such a possibility seems far-fetched, however, when you consider that any decision you make in business – such as hiring a new employee – enters into various gray areas. Is the new hire honest, reliable, experienced, capable in a crisis, a team player? The productivity of a new employee involves these variables and more.

But consider this: Your brain already operates by the Law of Least Action. Every electrical impulse traveling down a neuron, every chemical reaction leaping across a synapse, must obey this law. That implies that there is an efficient state of the brain as a whole. This, too, is a reality. If asked to add 2+2, your brain gives the answer instantly, unlike a computer, which must actually calculate any problem posed to it. The human mind works by a combination of insight, creativity, memory, quantum leaps of creativity, and other aspects unknown to computers. And much if not all of this is done according to the Law of Least Action.

Therefore, the ultimate productivity hack is this: give the Law of Least Action a chance. Stop interfering with it.

Tips for promoting least action:

Get enough sleep.
Promote an open environment for the exchange of ideas
Allow free communication at every level of work and management
Support the whole group emotionally
Ask for honest feedback
Make every worker feel valued

Tips for getting out of the way:

Stop using undue pressure
Don’t promote stress as an incentive
Don’t use intimidation
Don’t isolate management from workers
Let go of old, familiar ways of doing things

How Can We Live With Least Effort? Ask Deepak!

Courtesy of the YouTube/ChopraWell

The Law of Least Action is stymied when we complicate our lives. All of the tips I’ve listed are needless complications to the smooth flow of work. But the world’s wisdom traditions go much deeper into the matter. They point to consciousness as the key. If you expand our awareness (through meditation, reflection, contemplation, and closely examining yourself) you will reach a level of the mind where least action can work much more efficiently. Solutions will come far more quickly because you won’t be stuck at the level of the problem. Carrying out bold plans will not create resistance and stress because you will trust the source of thought deep inside yourself.

In the future I anticipate that the link between cosmos and mind will only grow stronger. In the meantime, we have enough evidence from neuroscience, physics, and the world’s great thinkers to begin trusting in the Law of Least Action and applying it to daily life.

Deepak Chopra, MD, Founder of The Chopra Foundation, Co-Founder of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Author of What Are You Hungry For? and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

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20 Spiritual Lessons

I mentioned in another post that I am reading Deepak Chopra’s book “Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want”

It is about what Chopra calls “The Wizard” in all of us – another name for the Source, Universe, God, our Self, whatever we call that ‘magical’ strength, wisdom, and power inside of us all…….The Wizard is eternal, it is essentially our Spirit that is connected to all…..

I said that I’d pass along good lessons and ideas….

…here are a few more…

“The Return of the magical can only happen with the return of innocence…..

…The essence of the wizard is transformation.”

Think about when you were young – the dreams and things you thought of as a child…..

…you could get excited and super focused about “IT” and you could spend lots of time on it – and not even know how fast time flew by….

your thoughts, actions, intentions, feelings….they were pure, right? They seemed to be true to the real you.

There was an innocence about you  wasn’t there – you didn’t worry about all of the things that could go wrong – you didn’t worry about it at all, right? You just dreamed it! You just wanted to go make it happen.

As we get well into adult life, we forget and even try to abandon our child, our innocence. Often it gets away from us and we all lose touch.

We get into our everyday lives and worry and forget about living in the moment, about our dreams, our innocence.

But it only takes a moment to relax, live in the moment, look for things to enjoy, and look for something to celebrate.

Meditate, focus, relax, get centered, and remember what you love. Take time for you. Go into nature,

Take time to find the innocence, the magic inside…



Wizard Within – follow up

I am reading a book by Deepak Chopra called “Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want”

It is quite good.

It is something that I have written about on occasion and sometimes try to put into practice in my own life, but often do not.

The Wizard can represent a number of things or beings – it could be our own Spirit, the Universe, the Source, God, the Universal Intelligence, the Higher Self….or whatever you might refer to the power, love, force, and spirit that runs through us all. The Wizard is a metaphor….


“when the doors of perception are cleansed, you will begin to see the unseen world – the wizard’s world. – …purification (cleansing) consists of getting rid of the toxins in your life : toxic emotions, toxic thoughts, toxic relationships….”

“The wizard lives in a state of knowingness. This knowlingness orchestrates its own fulfillment. The field of awareness organizes itself around our intentions. Knowledge and intentions are forces. What you intend changes the field in your favor. Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power. The wizard does not try to solve the mystery of life. He is here to live it.”

“The wizard is the teacher of alchemy. Alchemy is transformation. Through alchemy you can begin the quest for perfection. You are the world. When you transform yourself, the world you live in will also be transformed….”

“TIme and the timeless are not opposites. Because it embraces everything, the timeless has no opposite. At the level of the ego, we struggle to solve our problems. Spirit sees that struggle is the problem. The wizard is aware of the battle between ego and spirit, but he realizes that both are immortal and cannot die. Every aspect of yourself is immortal, even the parts you judge most harshly.”

“Seekers are never lost, because spirit is always beckoning to them. Seekers are offered clues all the time from the world of spirit. Ordinary people call these clues coincidences. To a wizard there are no coincedences. Every event exists to expose another layer of the soul. Spirit wants to meet you. To accept its invitaiton you must be undefended. When you seek, begin in your heart…..”

“The reality you experience is a mirror image of your expectations. If you project the same images every day your reality will be the same every day. When attention is perfect, it creates order and clarify out of chaos and confusion.”

“The uncertainty you feel inside is the doorway to wisdom. Insecurity will always be with the quester – he continues to stumble but never falls….Human order is made of rules. The wizard’s order has no rules. …it flows with the nature of life.”

….wishing you some magic and wizardry in your life….



The Wizard Within….


I am reading a book by Deepak Chopra called “Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want”

It is quite good.

It is something that I have written about on occasion and sometimes try to put into practice in my own life, but often do not.

The Wizard can represent a number of things or beings – it could be our own Spirit, the Universe, the Source, God, the Universal Intelligence, the Higher Self….or whatever you might refer to the power, love, force, and spirit that runs through us all. The Wizard is a metaphor….

The Wizard is that force or spirit that we all have, the true self that never really changes, the person that remains the same as we grow, as we face challenges, as we worry about materialistic things – the Wizard knows what is really important, the Wizard helps us stay on the course when we’re worried, concerned, or chasing the “Joneses”.

The Wizard is that voice inside that helps you make a decision, that helps you stay on track, and that provides you a foundation of strength, serenity, and guidance. The Wizard in us sees the real world, the real person in others – not the beautiful or ugly skins and bones, but the spirit inside.

  • There are some great lessons in this book; some new and fresh, some are things we all probably already know but are definitely good to be reminded of…..
  • Spend time pondering not what you see but why you see it.
  • The Wizard exists in all of us. This wizard sees and knows everything.
  • The Wizard is beyond opposites of light and dark, good and evil, pleasure and pain.
  • Everything the wizard sees has its roots in the unseen world.
  • Nature reflects the moods of the wizard.
  • The body and mind may sleep but the wizard is always awake.

For someone like me who has a difficulty making time for meditation, I found the quote “Without silence, there is no room for the wizard.” very helpful and meaningful…”without silence ther cannot be any real appreciation of life, which is as delicate in its inner fabrics as a closed rosebud.”

…also, Wizards don’t live in fear…when asked “How do you manage this peace of mind?”, the Wizard says, “Look within where there is only peace.”

Lastly, Chopra writes this….”The mind may succeed in making you intelligent, but it is poorly equipped to make you happy, fulfilled, at peace with yourself.”….”the Wizard is inside you and only wants one thing: to be born.”

…..I’ll share more good thoughts from the book as I come across them….

Best wishes for some magic from your inner Wizard today…



Words To Live By: Giving – Part 1

From Deepak Chopra “The universe operates through dynamic exchange… giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.”

This quote is from Chopra’s book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”. I recommend it.

Nothing is static in our lives, right? Our bodies, minds, families, friends, etc. Even though which seem static are not- the mountains and the earth. There is an exchange or giving and taking, back and forth, right? So is it with energy too, correct? Life is the flow of things in a harmonious manner. Generally our bodies, nature, seeks balance.

In the book Chopra talks about the work “affluence”. He says it comes from the word affluere….which means “to flow to”. The word affluence means “to flow in abundance.”  We use money as a representation of something – energy, product, service, etc.Interestingly enough Chopra also points out that the word currency comes from the Latin word “currere”. which means “to run” or to flow.

So, at least in reference to money, if we stop the circulation of money (or anything else) and if we intend on holding onto the money or to hoard it, then the energy will stop its circulation back into our lives.

“Like a river,” says Chopra, “money must keep flowing, otherwise it begins to stagnate, to clog, to suffocate and strangle its very own life force. Circulation keeps it alive and vital.”

Any healthy relationship, service, existence is a give and take, right? There is balance in all things.

A tiny mustard seed can grow into something large. A kernel of corn can produce many more….yet we can’t hoard the seeds.

The more you give, the more you receive, says Chopra…..because you will keep the abundance of the universe circulating in your life. Chopra also points out that the ‘intention behind your giving and receiving is the most important thing.’

OK – I read this a few times. I actually read this when I was very tight financially. I owed a few credit cards, was behind on things, and I was hoarding money so I could buy gas one week. I was not clear how I could practice this law. Chopra gave some good examples though –

“If you want joy, give joy to others; if you want love, give and learn to love. If you want material affluence, help others to become materially affluent. In fact the easiest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want.”

So when we wait in the line at the grocery store and see that weird looking person, or that person taking too long, or anyone…..why not give them a blessing – the same blessing or prayer that perhaps we’d desire. A simple prayer or wish. We can stand there and stare at the person who is being a pain, taking too long, letting their kids touch all the things on the shelf, etc. We can grumble to ourselves and pass judgement. We can stand there and wallow in our own particular problem or issue.

Or we can send a prayer, a wish for peace, a wish for abundance their way. How would that change your world? Chopra talks that we are all localized bundles of energy and information – and consciousness. We are bundles of though in a thinking universe…and thought has the power to transform.

So what can you do today? I’d suggest that we start and make a decision that anytime you come into contact with anyone, give them ‘something’. Maybe nothing material – maybe a prayer, wish, compliment, smile, etc. Chopra points out that things like caring, attention, affection, appreciation are some of the most powerful and precious gifts that we can offer.

I know that I have,….and still do… say something to myself like “How can I give to others when I don’t have enough myself right now?” Write a note, make them laugh, share a good story, ask – really ask – about them and their dreams.

The more you give, the easier it is. The more you’ll get a hang for it and the more confidence you’ll have. There is no scarcity on love, joy, happiness, or abundance. By its very nature, the word abundance means overflowing – we can’t run out. We have an overabundance of so many things in our lives that we can all give. Giving flips a switch whereby we’re not tense, closed, and concerned but open, warm, and inviting. Giving makes us feel more confident than when we hold back or hoard.

If you seek peace, give it. If you seek help, offer it. If you seek friendship, be a friend.

Giving sends our minds and hearts a signal that things are ok, things will be OK.

In closing, I am reminded by a child’s book that I used to read to my daughters, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids ” by Carol McCloud. If you have a child, buy it. If not, you should still read it the next time you’re at the library or B&N. If you “fill someone’s bucket” you fill your own bucket, and everyone observing you gets their buckets filled. There are actually studies that show our endorphins improve when we help another person – and observes get a nice splash of endorphins too.

I leave by giving you a blessing for peace and prosperity.

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