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How do you handle criticism

Here is a great video and audio that I think we may all need to reflect upon from time to time……from Joe Polish

What’s more important…The criticism of someone whom you respect and know, or the opinion of someone you don’t know?  Of course, you should put more weight on the opinions of those you know, but most of us let the opinions of the “haters” bother us…

This quote by Johannes Kepler says it all…

“I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the masses.”

This episode is part 2 of the awesome interview that Joe and Dean did with Sean Stephenson.  This time, he shares a really interesting perspective on how your marketing may provoke “haters” and what you should do about it…


Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • Sean shares his definition of marketing and how it helped him heal after having a terrible accident
  • Joe asked Former President Bill Clinton, “How do you handle criticism?” Here’s what Bill told Joe…
  • Sean explains why “haters hate” and his 3-step system for handling them
  • The 5 dials of A Perfect Life (This is how to have REAL wealth in your life)
  • How to use marketing and advertising to win the game of life and get what you want
  • Dean gives you a safe, easy way to create a quick cash windfall in your business

Check it out now and share your thoughts in the comments section. 


Being successful isn’t a solo job…

“Put me in coach”

Often we think that to be successful, strong, good people, we need to control ourselves each and every day, we need to control our habits, our will power, and we need to control our behavior.

Actually, it can often be to the contrary. People who are successful at things often understand human behavior enough to ‘let go’ of aspects of their choices/behavior/habits/routine to others.


Like a fitness coach – someone who holds you accountable at the gym to show up, eat better, do the routine as it should be done, etc. Sure you can go solo and do it cheaper but it’s a little harder getting out of bed, showing up, and doing it all 100% when you’re on your own versus when there is someone coaching you.

Like a financial advisor – whether it is a planner, advisor, whatever – it helps to have someone there to talk about your financial decisions so that you don’t react and make them purely based on emotions, so that you look at the big picture, so that you stick to your plan. Again it may seem like doing it alone is feasible, and it can be, but when the market crashes or when you have a major life event, your decision process can be clouded (I can vouch for that – unemployment, loss of family members will do that). Actually sometimes an advisor can actually save you money in some cases versus some choices.

Certainly a life coach or success coach, or whatever you want to call them, acts the same way.SmallActionBigResults. Plus you gain from all of their experience and resources – and all of their clients’s experiences! Certainly a good friend can help instead of a coach – maybe even a two-way relationship. Make sure that friend can speak freely without ruffling your feathers or feelings. A coach or friend sometimes needs to speak frankly!

So it isn’t a weakness to ask for help, to have someone remind you, to have someone help you act better. Actors, athletes, doctors, millionaires and other successful people do it all the time. Taking the temptation away, helping make your life ‘goof-proof’, helping yourself be more disciplined isn’t a solo job – get a coach or friend to help.



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