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What Memorial Day means to me.

Hello all. I appreciate some of the comments, regardless what you think about my stuff. Feedback is good.

Memorial Day…we rememember those who fought for us and took care of us.

Those on the battle field, on the seas, in the air, giving their lives.

Those in the kitchen and behind the desks or on the shovels and hammers, giving their hearts.

This weekend I’ve been so lucky to be at a few good friends’ houses and just to be there as myself. I golfed with a great buddy. We met new friends. Friends mean so much and I’m very grateful for our friends. I’ve had some challenges recently with work and been preoccupied but my encounters with my friends this weekend have reminded me what it is to let go, have faith, enjoy life. Some of them inspired me to do things on my own and do my own thing. They all reminded me how nice it is to be giving and hospitable.

I am so lucky and grateful for all of my close friends and the new ones.

I think without some of the friends and without their hospitality this weekend I think I might have had a tough weekend. I was able to relax, have fun, have a few drinks and enjoy things, thanks

Thanks to those new ‘friends’ reading this, maybe we can be friends someday.

Let’s remember all those loved ones in our lives that made it possible. Thanks

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