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Do you meditate? I’ve been trying to get on a meditating routine for over a decade of my life. I am really trying to focus on consistency now.

I want to share with you how. One of my biggest frustrations when I started learning to meditate was how complicated it was, because honestly, I would read entire books on how to meditate and they’d never teach you. They just talked about how meditation is great and the evidence is conclusive.

Every scientific study ever done from neuroscience studies to psychological studies to self-report studies have found over and over the incredible benefits of meditation, from lowering people’s stress and anxiety to helping them have more attention and focus, to literally helping them do better on tests, activities at work, and allowing them to increase their reported happiness.

It is the magic method for improving people’s lives mentally and psychologically, and many people would argue spiritually as well.

The challenge is that you have all these books that talk about the benefits but never teach you how. Or, they really make it so complicated or not fun, so you’re like, what is this? Or maybe they’re religion-based and people don’t really vibe with that particular religion or spiritual style.

Here is a video from Brendon Burchard that is going to teach you a very basic tool and strategy for meditation that’s caught on.

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