Savor this world!


We woke up to this glorious sunrise this morning. Savor the miracle that is in each moment. The words of this poem capture the preciousness that we are all gifted while walking this magnificent planet we call home.

Dr. Steve Taylor is the author of several best-sellers on psychology & spirituality including The Leap: The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening. This one is from The Calm Center.

“Savor this world
because your ship only landed here by chance
on the shore of this strange island
in the middle of an empty ocean
and you can only stay here for a while
wandering these lush forests
eating these exotic fruits
until your ship sets sail again.

Savor this world
because you’re only a guest passing through this town
stopping off to visit some relatives on your way back home
not long enough to put down any roots
walking these foreign streets
nodding at passers-by — the locals, you presume.
But look more closely — everyone’s a traveler here.

Savor this life
because it’s passing away like a fast-flowing river
and there’s nothing to hold on to
no branches overhead to grasp
no bushes by your side to catch —
nothing to do but to swim with the flow
and lose yourself
in the roar and the rhythm and the rush.

Savor this life
because you’ve won the greatest prize
the freedom of the city
the keys to the kingdom
a lifelong cruise through time and space
the honor of experience
the accolade of existence.
And one day you’ll have to give it back.
And when that day comes you won’t feel any bitterness only gratitude for the privilege of being
as long you have lived in celebration as long you have lived in appreciation as long as you have savored the world.”

Excerpt From
The Calm Center by
Steve Taylor

Reblogged from Tony Robbins

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