Frey Freyday – Superheroes

(Frey Freyday is simply a bunch of inspirational, motivational and other quotes meant to make you think, reflect, smile, even laugh a bit. Hopefully helpful, useful stuff….)

Superhero – [soo-per-heer-oh] -a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers; also : an exceptionally skillful or successful person

Dad is and always will be my living, breathing superhero. Bindi Irwin –

You can’t relate to a superhero, to a superman, but you can identify with a real man who in times of crisis draws forth some extraordinary quality from within himself and triumphs but only after a struggle. Timothy Dalton –

Every child’s first superhero is his father, and it was the same for me. For me, he was Superman and Batman combined. Tiger Shroff

Life hits you hard. But it takes you three seconds to decide if you are a superhero or not. I am. Hrithik Roshan –

WORD TO LIVE BY: Superheroes – something we all can be. Superpowers – something we all have.

When we were young, our mothers or fathers sometimes were our superheroes. We were amazed at what they did because we didn’t know much about the world. Years later after I’ve lost my father and mother, I still think that they are superheroes for different reasons – and because I now understand some of what they went through for me.

Superheroes- many of us have watched, enjoyed and identified with in some way. Superman seems to be the benchmark and the core superhero. The X-Men are often outcasts, adults and kids that are bullied, unique, and in many ways unable to ‘act like normal people’.

What does this have to do with us? How can this help us?

Most of us focus too much energy and time on our kryptonite, our weaknesses. We are often hard on ourselves. Sometimes it’s about guilt, shame, self-pity, excuses or fear.

Our gifts – our superpowers – often are overlooked or ignored. Like a superhero, we all have some superpowers. Maybe you’re good at math. Maybe you can tell a great story. Maybe you are patient, or you show empathy, or you can make the complex seem simple. Your humor?

Maybe you haven’t ‘activated’ all of your superpowers yet.

Some of us have overcome significant things; abuse, addiction, bullying, cancer, and other things that we all encounter in life. Some of us have been independent and we can lead others. Some of us are great at support.

Like a superhero, we can’t do everything. But you are good at some things – and probably really good at 3 things, at least.

If you want to get religious, Jesus even said, “they will do even greater things than these”.

Take a moment and think about your superpowers. Come on, since you were in elementary school, something always came easy for you. It was innate.

Every person that you come across can benefit from the superpowers that you have within you.

For me, I communicate – I enjoy writing things like this, personal notes, reaching out to people, etc. It has always been that way and I don’t think I could stop if I wanted. Many people like it, a few don’t. I can use it for work, or for business. I can use it for good.

What are your superpowers? How can you use them more? To help others? To enhance your career? Your relationships? Your health?

Start focusing more on your strengths and superpowers. Develop your existing superpowers more and see if you can develop new ones.

(What is your superhero pose that helps you be more confident before a meeting?)

Is it childish? I think not. Is it playful? Creative? Fun? Imaginative? Yes. We can benefit from a little more fun each day. Think of all the imagination and fun you experienced as a kid. A little of that now might help from time to time.

Each of us has a purpose, each of us has incredible things to accomplish and to contribute to the world.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Uncle Ben in Spiderman”

Frey Freyday was actually born out of something I created called “Words To Live By” (WTLB). Going forward, I will now not only share the quotes, as you may be used to receiving, but also a related (WTLB). In 1999, when we had our first daughter, I was contemplating how I would raise my new beautiful child, and I was thinking about how I can best educate her and my other children about values, morals, and other key thoughts about life. School offers education. Religion offers some values and morals. Parents offer most of it, sometimes intentionally, sometimes accidentally.

So I created a (WTLB) book, like a dictionary, which lists things like honesty, love, persistence, etc. with a definition that I created, with my wife’s input. I then turned it into a workbook with one word per page and space below for notes. For years we would discuss with my two daughters and they would draw pictures and make notes in the blank space. I may share some of those images with you. As they got older, they were less inclined to draw and more open to quotes and references from adults, hence where Frey Freyday came from….

You can

Amy Cuddy’s “Wonder Woman pose” TED TALK



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