How to Deal with Negative People

From the podcast “The Charged Life with Brendon Burchard



Dealing with negative people doesn’t mean that you can always get rid of them. Negative people will stick around, so here’s some ideas to help you deal with them: Use their energy. Use this experience as a challenge to stay centered, peaceful, calm and to remain in charge of your own energetic and emotional level. Rather than allowing someone else’s negativity to reduce you to the victim role or to negatively impact your own energy, allow this interaction to remind you that you are in command of your thoughts and emotions. Empathize. We really don’t know someone’s entire story. So, when we acknowledge that we all have bad days and when we try to understand what someone is going through or facing, that’s when we tap into our own humanity and our own sense of compassion. Shift it. Instead of pointing out someone’s negative energy, you can use tools like humor, appreciation and playfulness to shift that negative energy. Take it as a challenge, putting in your effort to introduce positivity. Not only will this result in you pulling the negative person up to a desirable energy level, it’ll also help you develop your leadership skills and your capacity to start movements. Enroll them. Instead of belittling or minimizing negative people, you can request that they bring more awareness and positivity to the energy that they’re contributing to the dynamic. Involve them in such a way that they don’t feel blamed, but are rather invited to take power and responsibility over the energy that they’re putting out. Get mp3, summary, and quotes from this episode: Join Brendon’s email list: Join Brendon’s 4MIL FB fans:

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