A good article from Noah St. John -Making Success Automatic-

Are you feeling frustrated at work? At home? In your life?

We’ve all experienced frustration, whether it’s from a co-worker who gets on your nerves…

That family member who pushes your buttons…

The fact that you just can’t lose those last 10 pounds…

Or simply the fact that life isn’t giving you the results you want!

Whether you’re feeling frustrated at work, at home, or in life, remember this one simple thing. . .

You can’t control outcomes, but you can always control your ACTIONS.

Think about that thing, situation or person that’s frustrating you.

WHY is it frustrating you?

Because you aren’t getting the results (outcomes) you want.

You’re not losing the weight.

That person isn’t behaving the way you want.

You’re not making the money or getting the promotion or attention or fame you want.

But the problem is that you can’t control any of those things.

You can, however, control your ACTIONS.

For example, my mother was constantly frustrated because her father (my grandfather) was always in a bad mood.

He was basically a grumpy sourpuss all of his life.

But that wasn’t the real problem.

The real problem was that my mother kept expecting him to change.

For instance, at every family function, my mother would get angry and frustrated because my grandfather was, um, himself.

I kept telling her over and over, “Mom, you do realize that he’s 90 years old and is not going to change?”

And she would shake her head and say, “I know, I know…”

And go on doing the exact same thing (i.e., expecting him to change).

You see the problem here?

What control did my mother have over my grandfather’s behavior?

Exactly NONE.

However, she had TOTAL control over her OWN behavior.

But, because she tried to control someone ELSE’S behavior, she ended up frustrated – literally, until the day my grandfather died.

My advice to you (like it was to her). . .

Stop trying to control outcomes like other people’s behavior.

Instead, focus on the ACTIONS you can take today, right now – even if it’s just taking a deep breath and saying some empowering Afformations.

Do this, and your stress level will drop instantly.

Doesn’t that sound like a better way to live?

  1. Noah’s Note: You can’t control outcomes, but you can always control your ACTIONS. #afformations #powerhabits.frustrated?

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