the 6 E’s of Leadership

the “E6 of Leadership” by Brendan Burchard (from his video “What Great Leaders Actually Do”)
  • Envision a vibrant, clear future (alternative). What does tomorrow look like?
  • Enlist others, share ideas, dreams, desires  – people support what they create – believe in the dream together.
  • Embody – a leader embodies it by the way she/he acts, talks, behaves, integrity, etc.
  • Empower people, give the team decision making authority, respect and trust.
  • Evaluate the skills of the team, the needs, ethics, decisions, resources, excellence.
  • Encourage the team – be the champion, cheerleader, motivate with passion and example. When the days are in turmoil, be solid, see the next step, help and support.



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