How to be Happier.

I came across this from Brendon and thought it was worthwile….

Here’s basically what we know about happiness, from a wide perspective of philosophy, psychology, religion, spirituality, etc.:

Watch: How to be Happier.

You can also download the audio podcast on iTunes.

Happiness is always a hot topic, so I’m sure some folks won’t like my summary. (Unhappy people, mostly:)

I recently saw Chalene Johnson say happiness in business is loving your customers. Love it! See her awesome vids here.

Quotables from this episode:

“We know happiness comes from a specific orientation toward the world, in which we look at the past, the present, and the future in specific ways… It’s being okay with whatever the past is—finding a peace, acceptance and gratitude there allows us to be a little freer in the present.”

“Everything we know in spirituality comes back down to the basics: to having faith, to having a sense of connection to something larger than ourselves, to allow ourselves to be amazed and awed by the mystery of the world, or of this universe, or of our God or Creator, to be honoring of those very things in which we have faith toward…”

“It’s about looking at your life and just doing a full scale evaluation on a Sunday once in a while: Am I emotionally happy? If not, how am I looking at the past, the present, and the future? Am I physically healthy? If not, how am I eating? How am I sleeping? How am I working out? Am I doing the basics here? About my relationships, am I…”

“If your relationships aren’t happy than the answer is, ‘Okay… What is not happening in the relationship? What am I not bringing into this relationship anymore? How am I not sensing and contributing to this relationship anymore? What have I not asked for consistently enough? What is it that they specifically need that might turn it around?”

Watch and read the rest here.

You and your loved ones deserve a happy life.

Don’t hope for it, or wait for it. Choose it, cultivate it, create it. Day. By. Day.

Talk soon,

– Brendon

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