Yes blame your parents

From tony robbins, fyi

Do you know somebody who blames other people – to the point that it hurts them? Of course you do. We all know someone. Doesn’t it drive you crazy?

The person gets a list of resentments about things that were done to them… and then that list tends to grow out of control. It’s unfair to their family (the usual object of blame), and the person himself gets more and more miserable.

Here’s the problem. You can’t just FORCE someone to stop blaming people. Human beings don’t work that way. If you want someone to become more positive, you need to use your skill to turn that person around.

The truth is, some people in our lives – colleagues, friends, parents, family members – DID play an important part in our life story, right? They had an effect, and in some cases they hurt us. So what do you do when you still feel like blaming them?

In this video, Tony will show you a strategy called “Conscious Blaming.” He works with a woman who suffered from emotions of resentment and blame, and you’ll see her turn herself around within one hour.

Watch this video, then join our free webinar today. We are offering an introductory training to our new certification program called Working With Women. Join us for some free training, we’ll answer questions – and we’ll make a surprising announcement.

Here’s the video. Feel free to share it with a friend!

Live Training: Working With Women
Time: Thursday April 3 at 3pm California Time
Dial: 1.206.402.0100 then enter 168985#
Click here to attend online (and get the replay)


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