See your own life more clearly today

This is a blog straight out of Wayne Dyer’s site – it is a reblog.treetopphoto1.jpg

I think it has some great things to think about, at least the paragraphs I’ve highlighted in bold. Enjoy

The Real Message in Memoir

3/19/14 at 6:00 am | 2 Comments   by DR. WAYNE W. DYER

 “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”Henry David Thoreau

People are referring to my new book I Can See Clearly Now as a memoir, but actually, as I was writing, I had something quite different in mind. It’s true that the book does visit all the quantum moments and turning points in my life, all the teachers who guided me. My real purpose, though, was not simply to review the past, but to honor the amazing Presence that was by my side every step of the way. And ultimately, I wanted to share with you the ways I found to look at my life in complete appreciation for all of it. I believe you can learn to see clearly, too.

Seeing your own life more clearly involves being acutely aware of anything and everything that creates excitement within your being. If it excites you, the very presence of that inner excitement is all the evidence you need to remind you that you’re aligned with your true essence. When you are following your bliss, you are most amenable to receiving guidance from the spiritual realm. This is called synchronicity—a state in which you almost feel as if you are in a collaborative arrangement with fate.

This has been the overriding story of my own life. When I listen carefully to those inner signals, they seem to say to me, This is why you are here, now you are truly aligned with your highest self, there is nothing to fear, just do what your excitement tells you to do.And that is precisely what I’ve done in recapitulating the seemingly disparate events that formed the entire tapestry of my life up until now.

For much of your life you’ve very likely been cautious about following your inner passion, because you’ve been programmed since childhood to follow someone else’s idea of what you should be doing. Your family, your culture, your circle of friends, your immediate surroundings—all conspire to lay out the path of your life. When you’ve ignored that programming and followed what your inner excitement dictated, you probably thrived in a more satisfying way, even when criticized and judged as selfish. 

As I look back at many of the decisions I made that took me down a very different path, it’s clear that I was making those decisions exclusively on the basis of what felt right, what made me feel passionate and enthusiastic, even when the potential for failure and disappointment was a real possibility.

See your own life more clearly today—right here, right now in this moment—by refusing to ignore that which stirs passion and excitement within you. You came here with music to play, so when you begin to harmonize with what only you hear playing in your mind, listen carefully and stop yourself right in your tracks and be willing to take the first step in the direction of those synchronistic callings. This is your highest self calling! At this point, you are aligned with your Source of being.

It may not make any sense to anyone around you, and might even appear to be preposterous to you as well, but just know that in the end you will not be disappointed. In fact, whoever and whatever you need will eventually appear in their unforeseen Divine perfection. Even if nothing seems to be going right and it all looks like doom and gloom, stay with your excitement. Declare yourself to be in a state of faith and trust, meditate on your vision, and the support will ultimately be forthcoming. The reason that it serves your inner excitement is because in those moments, known only to you, you are in alignment with who you truly are.



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