Wanna write a book?

This is a great one from Jack Canfield

Jack has an inspiring new video that tells the story of how he overcame time pressures, self-doubt, rejection by 144 publishers and other obstacles plus how becoming a bestselling author has changed Jack’s life.

Because it’s resonating with so many people, he is getting incredible feedback.

Have you seen it yet?

Almost everyone has at least one good book inside them and I’ll bet you do too.

If you want to discover how to get started as an author … sell a lot of copies … perhaps even one day see your book on the New York Times Best Seller List — check out a series of free training videos Jack’s friend Steve Harrison and Jack has acreated for anyone who’s written a book or wants to someday.

From Jack:
“In the first 7-minute video, I share tips for authors as well as how becoming a bestselling author changed my life in ways I could have never imagined

In today’s free video, you’ll hear me share:

My journey from inner city high school teacher to launching 47 New York Times Bestsellers with over 500 million books sold.
What I tell new authors about writing their first books and how to make your book a big success.
The real payoff to writing a book (hint: it’s probably not what you think).
A super-simple way to get started writing your book.
How to get 3 additional free training videos on becoming a successful author.
.. and MUCH more so go here now:


To your success,

The Canfield Training Group
*Maximizing YOUR Potential*

The Canfield Training Group
P.O. Box 30880
Santa Barbara, California 93130
United States
(805) 563-2935

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