Shift any relationship

I’ve had a coach a few times in my life and it has helped me.

Here is a cool video from Tony Robbins about coaching and it shows a good example of something useful that I know I can use and I thought that you perhaps also could.

(Note: there is something for sale here. You don’t have to buy anything, just scroll down and watch videos. Also, if you do buy something, I don’t get anything from it, I am not an affiliate. This is just FYI Only)

  • Here’s a great strategy for transforming any relationship in your life or work….scroll down part way to the video about Neil…..

You’ll meet Neil, who stood up to speak with Tony… while his wife was at home packing up his belongings!

After talking with Tony, Neil saved his marriage and created his dream relationship with his wife. He beat the odds.

This is a strategy you can use in coaching someone or you can use it now for yourself. Business coaches: this is a great strategy for those disputes at work šŸ™‚

See Tony do it

Bottom line: this is something you can do. I’m telling you this because I see our students using these strategies successfully on a daily basis. Yes, they are doing “Tony work.” Yes, they are doing the “Neil intervention.” This is a methodology you will start to learn and use in the first week. So start getting used to being a LOT more powerful in your life.

YES: this will be YOUR skill set too.

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