How to feel ALIVE again

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When you have a challenge, the first thing to do is get fully PRESENT.

Because when all of YOU is here, when you are fully alive and HERE, you can see the opportunities and take advantage of them, and things have a chance to creatively fall into place.

People usually do the opposite: they react to problems by going into “defense mode,” retreating into themselves. They “check out” and wait for things to change – while missing the opportunities to create change. And their challenges just pile up.

So the coach’s job is to break through that and get your client fully engaged again, and vibrantly alive and present – so that they can kick butt and make things happen!

In today’s video, you’re going to see Tony working with Juaquin, a pro basketball player who suffered a huge setback in his health and lost his job. But the real problem was how he was responding. He was emotionally shut down and not rising to the occasion. Now, this is a tough, determined man, a pro athlete – but this can happen to anybody, right?

In this short (11 minute) video you’ll see Tony using 2 strategies for getting Juaquin emotionally available to confront his challenges head-on. These two strategies were a turning point in Juaquin’s first sesion with Tony – and led directly to his breakthrough. I want you to notice that this is not “rocket science.” These are strategies that you will be able to do with friends or clients after your first month of training with us.

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