Change anybody… by finding their strengths

This is a video from Tony Robbins….

Change anybody… by finding their strengths

Have you noticed that when Tony helps someone – the person often starts off tense, frustrated, and scared… and ends up radiant and strong? He’s using the strategy of locating and harnessing the person’s strengths.
We all have certain things we do that we do well, and that come naturally to us. Statistically speaking, you’re neurologically wired to do certain things better than 90% of the population. Some people are natural learners. Others are motivators. Others are organizers. Whatever your strength is, you can do that better than anyone else you know.
When you embrace and harness your strength, everything changes, because your strength starts taking its proper place in the world – where it can shine. Here’s a video where Tony helped a brilliant and likeable young man named Rechaud to overcome a lifelong weakness and to plunge headlong into his strengths. You must see this today. 

See Tony helping Rechaud (7 minutes)


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