How to Overcome Your Fears




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Fear is a silent thief. 
It is responsible for robbing more dreams than any other culprit.
It has been, and still is, keeping you from creating the life you desire.
For most people, despite knowing they could be more, they will still be stopped by their fears.
Heck, I’m guilty of it,
But constantly pushing myself past my fears has become a major reason for my success.
Many people get involved in real estate investing and stop before ever giving it a real push. They are overcome and consumed by fear.
Fear of failure, fear they are going to get into trouble, go into debt or do something wrong.
But if achieving financial independence is something you are serious about, at some point it will become necessary to learn how to deal with these fears and take action despite them.
I once heard that our dreams lie on the other side of our fears. I believe that and I also believe we are meant for greatness.
And it’s when we begin to take action despite being afraid, that life begins to take on an almost mystical nature.
We see our lives change as we realize that our worst fears, were really nothing to be afraid of at all.
One of the biggest realizations I’ve had, is that fear never really goes away.
T. Harv Eker, bestselling author of the “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind” relates fear to a Cobra. He says we must learn to tame the cobra of fear, and take action regardless of how we feel.
As you begin to take action and gain more experience, fear does decrease, but it never goes away completely.
So stop waiting.
Take action then deal with the consequences and adjust as you go.It’s the only way.
Your worst fears will often never be as bad as you imagine.
And the results you get will prove to change your life.
Have Fun. Give Back.
Nate Kennedy

P.S. There are two types of people in this world. People who can be stopped, and people who can’t be stopped. Which one are you?

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