Fear as an Excuse


Did you ever notice that when you’re at a family get together, or some other social event where you’re with friends or people that you know really well, you can sometimes notice others making excuses?

Sometimes we see others making excuses for not doing/trying/being/living, right?

Often times the excuses are based on FEAR.

I have some people in my life that are great people, and I love them a lot, but they are controlled by, and limited by their Fears.

It is easy to sit there and look at those people, almost in a judgmental way, and that’s not good, typically, nor is it what I want to point out or what I want you to do. We can always learn from watching others – but my point is this:

We ALL use Fear as an Excuse!

If you’re looking at your relatives or your friends and you see them making excuses and using Fear to hold them back in some way – If you’re really HONEST with yourself and aware, you can often see yourself in others.

I was at a nice picnic this weekend and a few of the ladies were there and just full of fear for so many things and they were talking about many things in their lives that they just didn’t want to do or “just couldn’t”.

At first I got a little judgmental and thought “Tsk!”, then I stopped myself. I tried to look at them and see what I didn’t like – and what it was in me.

I saw how I use Fear as an excuse. Recently I’ve had various opportunities in my career and with real estate. In the past I had a bad real estate experience, so I chose to pass on this opportunity. Looking back, it wasn’t a great decision to pass like I did – I at least needed to spend more time researching – but my fears about the past clouded my current-day decision.

How are you using Fear to hold you back, consciously or unconsciously?

What can you do to wipe out fear so you can make better decisions?
What can you do to wipe out fear so that you can live your life?

What kinds of questions can you ask yourself to change this habit?

What kinds of things can you do to interrupt the pattern of fear?

Look at all of the times, the opportunities, the ‘stuff of life’ that you may have missed.

Could you be better off if you were less fearful?
Live Life and Drop Fear.


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4 thoughts on “Fear as an Excuse

  1. songtothesirens June 27, 2013 at 3:52 AM Reply

    This post was right on point. I am currently dealing with someone who is letting FEAR (I mean to capitalize) not only control her, but using it manipulatively to get others to do things for her.

    I think I use fear as a way of avoiding things that are outside my comfort zone, or are simply too painful to process. I certainly do not do it consciously; it is my subconscious that rules the realm of fear. What does consciously come out is anxiety over trying something different, or taking action on something that needs to end or begin as endings are often beginnings.

    You pose interesting questions. I have never really thought about how much fear does run my life. You have rather inadvertently picked an interesting time to post this. My life has been turned upside down because I finally got over the fear of ending something that wasn’t working. I am going to have to think about this some more.

    • Jim June 28, 2013 at 1:32 AM Reply

      Thanks for the comment. Being aware if a big part of the battle. Enjoy and relax.

      • songtothesirens June 28, 2013 at 2:46 AM

        Definitely. I agree with that. I have overcome a lot of fear in my lifetime. Not sure if I will ever relax though, just kind of naturally hyper 🙂

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