Tips for Promoting and Advertising that Don’t cost anything and can Make You Money

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Tips for Promoting and Advertising that Don’t cost anything and can Make You Money by

Savvy Solutions

Are you involved on social media sites?

Keeping up with Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Eventbrite, And even the plain jane E-mail accounts can help you promote and advertise your business at absolutely no cost but to spare a few minutes of your time.

One thing that I can not believe is that so many people today are constantly updating their personal accounts, but fail to incorporate their social media work accounts into their daily schedules.

The key to advertising is just that… you HAVE TO ADVERTISE.

What happens on Facebook when you post an interesting status about your life?

It shows up on the top of every one of your “Friends” Wall. This in turn spurs a Group conversation, depending on the intrest spike from your post. So, What do you think would happen if Three times a day, you post a status on your Work Account? Any takers??

Your Company would be on all of your “Friends” minds, at least Once a day. This method goes hand in hand with the widely known term “Branding”.

What is Branding?

Anyone ever heard of Abercrombie and Fitch? Wal-Mart? Apple? Im assuming you all have. These names are known world wide because of Branding. What is the logo for all of these? A moose, a smiley face, and what do you know? an Apple!

Do you have a logo? If not, get one! Do you strive to put your name out in your desired market daily? If not, Start today.

The more that people see your logo and associate it with your company name, the likelier it is that YOUR company will be remembered. Do you want to be known only in your city? How about your state? Country?

Dream Big and Start producing results. Find those in your desired market and target them on Facebook, Friend them and make sure that they see your posts at least once a day.

DO YOUR RESEARCH! Are your services unique to your market? Are your prices the best? What makes you Different? If you do not know the answers to these questions, Figure them out!

Use Linked-In to make your own Good Referrals. Do you know how to properly use linked-In? Yes? No?

Ok, well here it is. ONLY friend those whom YOU KNOW ON A PERSONAL LEVEL. Why? Because you have to be able to set up one-on-one’s or group meetings between every single person on your profile. This way when John Smith calls you and says, “Hey, I saw that you know Jane Smith on Linked-In. I have been trying to set a meeting with her, but have never met her. Could you refer me, or come with me?”, you don’t have to respectfully, and embarrassingly respond “Well, I don’t actually know her”… Linked-In IS NOT FACEBOOK… Do not use it as such. DO use it to your advantage to search those whom you have been wanting to get in contact with and do not hesitate to ask your close professionals when you find out that one of your close contacts knows your dream contact. It can and will work as long as you initiate a meeting.

Have you heard of EVENTBRITE.COM? Have you used it?

Sign up for it. Use it for any and all professional or personal events. Personal events can also be set up on EVITE.COM. Evite has a maximum invitation limit of around 250, but can be personalized a little better that Eventbrite. I have yet to find a limit on e-mail address entries on Eventbrite, but is more of a templated invitation. Either way, they are GREAT ways to spread the word about a mixer, birthday, grand opening, coctail party, bridal shower, fundraiser, etc. They also serve as a way for your guests to RSVP AND Purchase tickets! Upload your logo on both sites and make sure that you implement your work colors in text color and accent color. Always, Always, Always have branding on your mind.

Everyone, and i mean EVERYONE has an e-mail account. Some people have two, three, if you are like me you have six. One for spam mail, one for personal use, one for work, one for school, and the list goes on and on and on. I highly suggeset you utilize this method. You don’t want your work e-mail constantly being spammed if you have to be on it 24-7. It gets pretty annoying. ONLY put this e-mail address on your business cards. Have a separate account for all of your social media accounts. YOU WILL get e-mails from them, and I suggest that you do not handicap them from doing so. Because on Eventbrite and Evite, you WILL want to know who has RSVP’d without having to log on to the site ten times a day. Have them filter to a separate gmail or yahoo account that alerts you on your phone. You do not respond to these, but you WILL want to respond to comments made on EVITE. This is just host/ess etiquitte.

So, How many of these sites do you utilize weekly? Daily? Monthly? These are only a few that can help you organize, promote, advertise, and stay connected. And if there is one thing that I can try to get every small business owner and entrepreneur to realize, it is that advertising, and branding is a very big part of being successful. But you HAVE to have a strategy and a plan and follow through daily.

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