Emotional Equations: Simple Truths for Creating Happiness

I often write that your self-talk, the questions that you ask yourself, and the emotions/thoughts you allow to circulate within yourself each and every day are the most important things in your life.

You can control all of them. You can make them good/bad/otherwise.

These daily things create habits, beliefs, lifestyles and that creates your life.

I always look for things that can help support or correct my own thoughts and emotions.

Here is a great book that does it a little differently, and effectively.

Emotional Equations: Simple Truths for Creating Happiness +

Chip Conley

Using brilliantly simple math that illuminates universal emotional truths,
Emotional Equations crystallizes some of life’s toughest challenges into
manageable facets that readers can see clearly—and bits they can control.
Popular motivational speaker and bestselling author Chip Conley has created an
exciting, new, immediately accessible visual lexicon for mastering the age of


Making mathematics out of emotions may seem a counterintuitive
idea, but it’s an inspiring and incredibly effective one in Chip Conley’s hands.
When Conley, dynamic author of the bestselling Peak, suffered a series of
tragedies, he began using what he came to call “Emotional Equations” (like Joy =
Love – Fear) to help him focus on the variables in life that he could deal with,
rather than ruminating on the unchangeable constants he couldn’t, like the bad
economy, death, and taxes. Now this award-winning entrepreneur shares his
amazing new self-help paradigm with the rest of us. Emotional Equations offers
an immediately understandable means of identifying the elements in our lives
that we can change, those we can’t, and how they interact to create the emotions
that define us and can help or hurt our progress through life.


Equations like “Despair = Suffering – Meaning” and “Happiness = Wanting What You Have/Having
What You Want” (Which Chip presented at the prestigious TED conference) have
been reviewed for mathematical and psychological accuracy by experts. Conley
shows how to solve them through life examples and stories of inspiring people
and role models who have worked them through in their own lives. In these
turbulent times, when so many are trying to become “superhuman” to deal with our
own and the world’s problems, Emotional Equations arms readers with effective
formulas for becoming super human beings.

There are many other self-evident and universally true equations Chip showcases in this book. Here are a few poignant ones:

  • Anxiety = Uncertainty x Powerlessness
  • Happiness = Wanting What you Have / Having What You Want
  • Joy = Love – Fear
  • Flow = Skill / Challenge

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