Even when we think we are in darkness


a good short blog from http://dyandiamond.net/2013/03/15/even-when-we-think-we-are-in-darkness/

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Even when we think we are in darkness

In that moment when you think everything is going wrong – switch up your thoughts. Maybe it is going right. Maybe you could stop judging things as wrong or right and just observe what is going on around you.


Everything around us is supporting us. Whether it feels like it or not. Even when you feel that life is against you, it’s just not true. Life is always for us. Sometimes it takes a little longer to understand this when we are feeling challenged, but as soon as you accept what is going on – things will start to look different. Everything looks different in the light.


Hold those parts of you that you are finding challenging up to the light. Embrace them. Love them. They are here to teach you something. Observe what they are trying to say. Listen.


Be willing to accept that maybe everything is working with you.



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