You can benefit from my moment…

I wanted to share this with you – you can benefit from my weak moment….

….a few months ago we got a new puppy, it was a rescue from a puppy mill. She was named for something inspirational – a Sunflower. Long story short, one of my daughter’s friends passed away last year from cancer. She and her family are truly strong, wonderful people and inspired the whole community. Her symbol of inspiration became the Sunflower. So we named our puppy Sunflower; or Sunnie for short.

Anyhow, Sunnie is a pistol. She is lots of fun, always happy and you could say that she is quite a character. She gets into lots of things. She loves to give you kisses, then more kisses, then a few more. She gets carried away.

Well, last night at about 4am, she decided to jump in our bed and start licking me. I couldn’t get back to sleep for some reason and I just laid there and started thinking. I was tired and started to stress about things.

As an aside, I’ve read that your thought process when you awake at night, especially 2am-5am, is often the worst time to think – you have low blood sugar, you’re tired, you’re often in a visceral sort of survival mode and things seem to be worse than they are – almost like a life and death struggle even for the simplest things.

So I laid there and started thinking about my career, my finances, and all of the mistakes I made in the recent past, the opportunities I missed, the money I lost, etc. etc.

I was focusing on the stuff that wasn’t working, focusing on the bad stuff, and asking bad questions.

What do you think my state of mind was when it was time to get out of bed?

I was frazzled, nervous, stressed, felt like I was going to be sick – and I was just starting the day. I was really thinking irrationally (really not thinking). I was also missing the present – I wasn’t living in the moment and therefore wasn’t really in a conversation with someone and was missing a beautiful day.

It took me until about 11am to shake it off and get on track. Literally I took a moment and sat down, wrote all the good stuff in my life, wrote some successes I’ve had, and wrote things for which I am grateful. I then wrote a few empowering questions about my career and finances and I tried to answer them. I actually have a lot of good stuff going on in my life…..

My mother used to say that someone “worked themselves into a tizzy.” …. we’ve all done that right? That’s what I was doing. It was just making it worse.

Have you ever focused on the bad stuff? Asked bad questions? Missed the moment and been out of it?

We all have challenges, sure, but look at how you’ve improved, what’s going right, who supports you, your successes, what you’re grateful for, and ask better questions – and you’ll be able to face the challenges with a better attitude.

The situation may not change but how we address it, the choices and actions we take next, and our happiness can change. Certainly if we move ahead with happiness, more hope and enthusiasm, life will likely be better.
I’ve made decisions when I was in a bad state and I can tell you, often they weren’t good and things got worse. But when you make decisions from a good place, you benefit. Be aware of your state of mind.

…just trying to help.




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