Question yourself!

Question yourself……the right way!

We all question ourselves, right? They say we have tens of thousands of thoughts each day.

Think about it, each and every day we ask ourselves questions – often they are NOT good questions.

We might say, ‘why can’t I get that person’s attention’, why am I so broke, why do I run out of money so quick, why am I so unlucky, why do I feel so bad, why are others smarter than me, why do bad things happen to me, why can’t I get that job, why am I so depressed, why can’t I get ahead in my career/business/life….etc. etc.

Many of us say these or other questions that are not only NOT EMPOWERING, but harmful!

So what if you asked yourself QUESTIONS OF POWER?
What if you asked yourself something that Empowered you?

  • Change the questions!

Your brain is like a computer – it is unemotional.

If you ask it a question, it will search for an answer.

Ask yourself “Why am I so rich?”

Why am I so likeable? Why am I energetic? Why am I healthy? Why am I a good parent/spouse/friend/employee/boss,etc.?

If you ask your brain a ‘bad’ question like ‘why can’t I get ahead in my job’ – it will go look for why you’re bad, what’s weak and you focus on the bad stuff. You reinforce your weaknesses.

If you ask instead, “Why (or what) am I great at my job?” and then try to answer it sincerely.

Even if you’re ‘poor’ – if you ask yourself sincerely “why am I wealthy’ you begin to think about why you are – maybe it is just wealthy in friends or health or talents – or maybe you’re wealthy compared to a Haitian citizen but you’ll find an answer, maybe you never thought about the equity in your home, or whatever.

So …..we really need to catch ourselves each and every day -…..interrupt the pattern…..stop the disempowering thoughts and questions….then replace it with an empowering question…….

….asking question is better than just stating an affirmation.

If you say and affirmation “I am rich” and you’re not – or you don’t believe that you are, you’ll immediately shoot it down and the affirmation will loose the power.

With a question, it is open ended, it can be answered in any case, and it ‘sends’ your brain in that direction. Your brain will try to answer it.

Your brain will search for an answer and then ‘believe’ the answer – whatever it is….so why not just ask a good question? HOW? Read them, Write them, Speak them, Visualize them.

Parting questions, for fun…..

Why do you like this blog?
Why do you think that my blog is so good?
Why do you want to leave a great comment below?

Why do you want to tell your friend about this blog?

…… 😉



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