If you’ve ever been hurt, scared or ready to give up

Here’s the short version:

If you’ve ever been hurt, scared or ready to give
up….I want you to watch this quick 4-minute video.

See, whatever you’re dealing with today…I hope it

provides a reminder that YOU ARE POWERFUL.

You’re bigger and stronger than you think you


And sometimes we need to be reminded of that.

Slightly longer version…

Believe it or not, for most of my life, I’ve been
a pretty insecure person.

That might seem a little surprising if you

know me today.

Or if you’ve seen pics or videos of me
on stage talking to big groups of people.

But, it’s true. In fact, sometimes I still

battle with it.

Maybe you can relate…

What I discovered is that “insecurity”

is like a monkey on your back…

You don’t WANT it….but you keep feeding
it. And as long as you feed it,

See, the thing about “insecurity” is

that it robs you of opportunity.

Here’s what it usually looks like:

– Why should I walk over and talk to that

girl? She’ll probably laugh at me.

– Why should I try out for the school play?

I’m not as good as other students.

– I’d like to play the piano….but why should

I bother? I probably wouldn’t be any good

at it.

So, the other day I caught myself thinking,

“I ought to get a guitar and learn to play….”

And yet — despite all that I’ve learned about

being powerful and breaking through uncertainty….

….I find myself thinking, “C’mon, Jim…you’re

too old, too busy, not talented enough, …”

“You tried to play the guitar once before and you
quit. Why would this time be any different?”

Ever feel that way?

That’s what it sounds like when you’re stopping
yourself from what you really WANT to do…

I felt that way about making money for a long


“What’s the point in trying to find another

home business? I’ve failed at so many…”

I tried so many things and was either hurt…or let down…
…or gave up….

And yet,….I finally decided: I will NOT let my
past dictate my future.


Because my DESIRE was bigger than my FEAR.

And that’s where the magic happens.

That’s why I want you to watch this video.

Because whatever you’re dealing with today…

…there’s a message here for you.

And if part of your concern is “money” or

“starting a business” or “becoming wealthy”…

…I’m here to tell you….you….can….do….it.

But, whatever your particular “monkey”…

…I promise you’re bigger and more powerful

than you think.


Let’s lock arms and fight the forces of evil


You watch that video….

….I’m going to go shopping for a guitar. 🙂

Let’s DO this!

Jim, Jimmy, Jimi, Jimbo, Gym, …..;)

P.S. You’re awesome. You’re a rock star. Don’t

ever let anyone tell you differently…..especially that

person in the mirror….

Thank you for being on my subscription list.

2 thoughts on “If you’ve ever been hurt, scared or ready to give up

  1. Jim February 25, 2013 at 6:53 PM Reply

    I didn’t disable, I don’t even know how to. It must be an error somewhere with the link.
    THanks for pointing it out.

  2. Jim February 25, 2013 at 7:04 PM Reply

    I checked it out, the video controls work for me. Maybe you need to update something?
    It works, sorry you had trouble. Thanks.

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