A different view on visualization

You may know that I’m a big fan of visualization.

I do have trouble being consistent and doing it ‘well’ but I believe it works.

Here is a copy of an email I received and I wanted to share. FYI ONLY, I have not yet read the book. THis is not an affiliate link.

While other people’s New Year’s resolutions are dying
at the stake approaching the 2 week mark,
here is something awesome for you to try.They are called Dream Doodles.In my book, Dreams DOodle Come True,
I discuss the importance of having an image
in your minds eye to focus on like a roadmap for success.Try visualizing this cartoon happening to you!

Interesting Image
When you worry, you visualize bad things happening to you.
This approach is the opposite, called success worrying.
Yes, this is a form of visualization.I’ve combined “success worrying” with cartooning
in the above Dream Doodle. The act of peppering your mind with the
images you want to bring to life for you and your family.SO instead of focusing on all the debt you may have.
Why not focus on what you want in your life.This illustration was drawn by a guy very deep
in debt just a couple years ago. He sat down in the midst
of creditors haggling him immersed in self doubt and afraid
to take a stroll out to the mailbox in fear of
what late bill would surface next.

He drafted an image of having so much money and not knowing what
to do with it.

Just a short while later, he situation began to turn.
The funny thing is when you are in that state of
mind, it seems as if it will never end.
Looking back it was a blip on the radar screen.

Yes, that guy was me. And yes, it will be you too!

This email is an example of
the inspiration I plan to share over the next year
using Dream Doodles and other cartoons to get
your wheelhouse turning on the possibilities that
exist in bolstering your business.

A little inspiration mixed with all the wonderful ways
cartoon marketing helps your business thrive and grow
in a challenging market.

Vincent Palko

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