Cool gifts I got this year…

It is Christmas day. For those of us who celebrate it, we are looking over the gifts we’ve received.

This year, here are a few cool things I received, that I really appreciate….tiny-tree-christmas

  • the sound of laughter and giggling of my 2 daughters
  • dancing with my daughters and wife.
  • laughter from my wife
  • the love and support of my attractive wife
  • little notes from my daughters
  • a job with income to pay the bills and meet new people, help and contribute to them
  • friendship and brotherhood of fellow Masons and Shriners
  • great friends from ‘back in the day’; college, high school and newer friends from my kids’s school – all great people in my life
  • great memories from my daughters, wife, in-laws, and friends – and memories from my parents and others that have passed.
  • A great home, neighborhood, community.
  • Good health.

PeopleĀ like you that comment, like, or otherwise interact.

Thank you !

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