Why not just quit? Throw in the towel…

Last week you may have seen that I did some simple blog posts of the CNN Heroes. I did find the show and event to be a great one again this year and I know it takes away from my typical blogs but I thought it was important. I didn’t want it to seem like I was phoning it in – the blogs, that is.

Sometimes I do question if I should/want/can continue the daily blog posts. Do people read these? Do people care? What can I do better? Why bother?

The goal of this blog was to help you and help others benefit from my mistakes and challenges. There are times in my life when I’ve been disciplined and focused on the right stuff and other times when I have not been. My thought was that sharing tried and true – as well as the new – ideas on life, you might benefit and I’ll be reminded of some good stuff – we’ll all benefit.

So here I am this weekend. Challenged by a few things and considering a future venture, the start of which has dragged on too long. I have considered stopping the blog, or doing it much less, I have considered quitting this or that – you know the feeling right?

 We’ve all felt like quitting or somehow withdrawing right? Maybe you’re outside your comfort zone or taking a risk. Maybe you’re just feeling the routine a little too much. Maybe its the bills, health, whatever! The economy, other people, media, politics…etc!

When you feel like quitting, you have to keep going. Often intuition is right and our feelings can guide us but this feeling – quitting – is not intuition, it is fear. That’s OK but just realize that if you quit now, you won’t grow. If you keep going, you will build so much new and grow so much. You’ll show yourself and others how you can keep going. You’ll progress a lot more by moving ahead.

We have all considered or thought it would be easier if we could just run away. It would be nice to give up the responsibilities. Maybe you’d would be free of the never-ending deadlines and the constant barrage of requests from people that wanted to take some of their time, energy and resources. Maybe it is something else.

I read an article recently by Craig Ballantyne , the editor of Early to Rise. In the article he poses the question,  “What’s the worst case scenario in my life? What if I didn’t go back (to work)?”

He said that he’d end up living in a simple home in the beautiful countryside, with space for the dog to run around, and all the time in the world to read the dozens of books he has ordered but has no time to read.

What is the worst thing that can happen?

Also ask this – what “bad” things in your life would possibly be considered “great” things to others? In other words, I was once unemployed for some time. I remember one time while I was unemployed and at a school function; Another parent was complaining because he had to do some mundane things to get paid for it – and he mentioned the amount. I recall thinking that I would do those things for half that amount. Often we take some things for granted and even complain about them – until we lose them. Are you complaining about things others wish they had?

We all feel like quitting, we all make mistakes and fail. In no order, many people have failed big time; Donald Trump, Abe Lincoln, Mother Theresa, Colonel Sanders, Steve Jobs, …lots and lots of people. They didn’t quit but they DID think about it. We all do. We all go through tough times.

Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul. Douglas MacArthur

Quitting seems like the best and easiest choice from time to time. Give up and go take a nap, right?

Let’s just say you did “Quit”. What next?

How would you feel? Ok, maybe you’d feel a little relieved at first. Then how would you feel about quitting? It is true, at first, we might feel like we were free. But would that feeling last?

What about our value and worth? What about our own self-respect?

Learned helplessness is the giving-up reaction, the quitting response that follows from the belief that whatever you do doesn’t matter. Arnold Schwarzenegger

As Craig Ballantyne  put it in his article, “It’s not about us.”  It’s about delivering something to others. It is about contribution. Your value – what you give to the world – is valuable. hope, relief, and love to the people that look to us to end REAL problems.

Personally, Even if I can just help lift one person on one day, it is worth it right? You don’t know what waves you’re creating by your ripples today. You are planting  seeds, and they take time.

When you feel like quitting; “Remember that this is not about you and your worries, it’s about fixing other people’s problems.” Craig Ballantyne

Never stop, never give up, never run away and never give in to the negative self talk or society’s resistance and lack of support.

There is a book “Three Feet From Gold.” It is an allegory that talks about how we can be so close to success and if we quit, we won’t succeed. If we just keep digging a little more, we’ll hit gold. Tony Robbins said it in such a great way once, and I paraphrase ‘when you feel frustration, when you feel like quitting, keep going because that’s when you’re going to grow the most.’

There is another quote I’ve heard, but I can’t credit who said it… “Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever. “

We all go through tough times. Reach out to a friend and ask for a little support. Better yet, offer support to someone else and it will come back to you. Keep moving, take action.

That one additional step, that extra bit of effort, that small action will build your mental and emotional ‘muscles’ so that you’ll be stronger next time, you’ll grow, you’ll mature. You will also likely open another door, help or contribute in some way to the world. You may be setting an example for someone ‘watching you’. You will inspire others and build esteem and confidence within yourself. That simple extra effort towards excellence is something most of the population just won’t do.

Quitting is the easiest thing to do.  Robert Kiyosaki

“Do the work,” as Steven Pressfield says, no matter how tough the work is.

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