Life Letters 3

The third in a series called Life Letters.

Do you remember getting your first note in school from a friend or maybe from someone special? I mean a ‘good’ note. Or maybe did you receive a nice letter or note from a teacher, mentor, or special relative? Your parents?

Ok, do you like to pretend?

I bet you did when you were a kid.

Let’s have a little fun. Can you imagine this…….You’re 5 years older (than your current age).

It is the future “you”


You’ve have some great ‘luck’, success, action, momentum, etc. etc.

You are able to write a letter to yourself… yourself five years earlier….in other words, the future you can write to the you you are today.

Let’s be clear, the future you is more successful, very healthy, very happy, has abundance – not just in money but with friends and laughter.

Write yourself and tell yourself how proud you are with the today you for embarking on the journey, for accomplishing everything, for taking action each and everyday, for eating better, exercising, for being more disciplined, and for taking a chance. Write to say thanks for living, loving, laughing and enjoying life.

What else do you want to write? Advice? Wisdom? Share the good news, encourage your today you, ….what would you write?

Watch the video on this blog here……


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