This may be the last article you ever need to read…

You see my title, “This may be the last article you ever need to read…”

It is true, at least to some degree, but hold tight, I’m not being immodest.

Hear me out…

Do you ‘go out’ on the Internet and search for stuff because you feel like the answer is ‘out there’?

Do you seek out the consul, wisdom and advice of others because you don’t have it inside?

Do you look to others for answers?

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I certainly do. Millions of others do. It is true that I believe that we can learn and model ourselves after others. Tony Robbins does it and preaches it. Find someone that is doing it right and model yourself after that person.

Heck, even Socrates said it… “Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for.”Socrates

but….let me say this…..all you need is within you now.

You don’t need to buy another book, another CD or mp3 series, you don’t need to read another blog or article, you don’t need to go out and find someone else’s information or knowledge at this point.

If you’re like me, you’re read, listened to, and tried to absorb lots of theories and strategies over the years. You’ve probably done some good things, succeeded and failed, loved and lost and won again.

You may have already found a good strategy, book, program, system for your business/life/finances/health/goals.

My advice is this:

  1. don’t buy another thing, at least for a while. Go back and re-read the stuff you have
  2. listen to you – the you inside you that you sometimes ignore. Go to a quiet place, go to a quiet space. Be calm. Remove and let go those negative emotions, let go of the fear. Release the scarcity. Focus on what you have. Focus on the good things. and then clear your mind….listen to the silence.

Try to meditate or at least remain calm and quiet for up to 20 minutes. Thoughts will come into your mind, just gently release them. Gently clear your mind as you need it.

You have the answers to your questions. When you are calm, feeling confident, when you have no fear, you know the right thing to do, don’t you?

Laugh, Relax, Stretch, Dance, Celebrate, Give Thanks, or Do some exercises, —get yourself in a good mental state in whatever way you need to and listen to the wisdom that you have inside you to answer those questions you have.

Trust yourself, have faith in you, know that you have so much to offer – so much that you have for yourself and others.

It is OK to search out for mentors, models, helpful information, education and all that stuff. I do and I will continue. However, we often ignore the resources we have inside us.

Listen to your emotional intelligence, the intuition, the wisdom and experience in your head, heart and gut. Remove the fear and listen.

Your Wisdom is part of Creation, part of God, part of the Intelligence we don’t understand. We don’t need to understand it, we just need to listen and be open to it.

Best wishes to you.



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