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Here are 10 tried-and-true presentation tips for maximum effectiveness. If you follow all these tips, you’ll build more credibility –
1. If you connect with the audience, they will forgive weaknesses in your speaking style. You can connect in many ways: greet as many attendees as you can before you speak; use humor; start with a compelling story; or start with compelling information.

2. Don’t leave your introduction to chance. Have it written out. Keep it brief with the importance of your topic and a few of your credentials. Make sure your introducer has a copy. Get it to him/her before the event and bring an extra copy with you.

3. Don’t start your program by thanking a bunch of people, etc. Start with your opening story or example or compelling piece of information. Start right in. Grab their attention. Save your thank you’s for later in your talk.

4. Do not tell jokes! Tell stories. Get animated with your stories. You can even act out the respective characters. Jokes usually get a groan. Stories capture attention.

5. Use self-deprecating humor. While you must project confidence, it’s also good to let them know that you’re human. Humor is important, but not at the expense of others – only you.

6. Bring your audience into your stories by saying things like, “Has this ever happened to you?” or “Think back when you were ________.”

7. Make good eye contact with audience members. Speak to one person and then another and then another. The audience can tell if you’re looking at people versus spraying them with your eyes.

8. Use a microphone if there are 40 people or more in your audience. You want the people in the back of the room to hear you as well as the people in the front. The further away you are, the more important they can at least hear you well. Test the microphone before the audience arrives. No surprises!

9. Don’t ask for a show of hands unless it helps you illustrate an important point. Then pay attention to how many hands go up. Say, “About 60% of you” or “Look around to see how many _____.”

Don’t end your presentation on Q&A. Before you get into the Q&A, let them know that you’ll be wrapping up with some important information, do your Q&A, then wrap up the program with some information and/or a good little story.

This was from The Referral Minute by Bill Cates
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