Safe corporate job or go solo?

Ok, we’ve all had the discussion with ourselves or with someone else at some point, right?

Here I am today at a point where I need to move on….I have begun the interview process….once again! It is exciting and good things are coming about but wow, what a process. I have friends that got out of college and worked for their families, which is totally cool (I was in a family business for a while) but my point is that they never experienced a job interview. Amazing to me.

So anyhow, I am trying to consider a job at (I have only one job offer so far) a few large firms worth billions of dollars, and the “safety” they propose, and the resources and support, and the salary you can generally expect, at least for a period of time. Then you have the nature of today’s economy and the general uncertainty in any job. The limitations, politics, and bureaucracy of a corporation.

On the other hand, I have an opportunity to take over a firm but things could be tight (cashflow) for the first months but I’d have total control and autonomy. Freedom. Unlimited potential and growth. But then again, its all on my shoulders, no backup, and no safety net.

What things would you think about? Both great opportunities, right? I’m grateful for both. Where do you go? I have a family and want that freedom. I’ve earned lots of money before and I want that too. I’ve been self-employed and I’ve worked for billion dollar firms too. Both have their advantages.

What do you think?

I want pondering this when someone forwarded me from a website by Mike Dooley ….FYI

Plan the celebration now. Sweep the floor. Clean the slate. Pick a date.
Window shop, buy a few things, go out on a limb.
Rearrange the furniture, pick some flowers, take some time off.
No, no,…. Not necessarily because the tipping point has been reached… but because this is how you reach it.
How’s today looking?     The Universe (from

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One thought on “Safe corporate job or go solo?

  1. thehla May 14, 2012 at 11:07 PM Reply

    Love hearing about the process. I would try to push all fear and logic out to try to determine which one I really want more at this juncture in my life. You’ll be most successful at and enjoy the one that your heart is in, especially if you believe in your success. Listening to an Abraham-Hicks program, I once heard that when we have a Plan B, that is the one that will come through for the simple reason that it is the one we believe. I also think about a line in Carolyn Myss’s book called “Sacred Contracts”. It says something to the effect that there is something helping us in EVERY MOMENT of EVERY DAY to make the best decision. I would be trying to tap into that help, that knowing. If you weren’t fearing anything at all or using any ‘should’ statements, do you have a knowing of which one is the best next thing? I think logic often defies what is truly our best next move. I hope you’ll keep us posted as you move through.

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